made by Katia Ogan

Katia —

Mahalo for the beautiful altar server robes!

Can't wait to have our servers wear them.
- Fr. George

Dear Katia,

Perhaps I wrote you already, can’t recall. Anyway, the blue vestment is beautiful, and fits just right. Thank you.

Fr L [Aug.2021]

The vestments arrived today. They are exquisite and beautiful!! Beyond my wildest dreams!! The detail handwork and beading is magnificent!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am overwhelmed with joy. Thank you for such perfection!!
Terry ...
God bless you! [July 2021]
Crist is risen! Thank you so much, the klobuk fits perfectly.
Wanted to let you know that I finally got my Skufia and am very happy. Thank you so much.
Peace in Chrst,
Br. Glen
Dear Katia,
Christ is Risen!
I received the black vestments as they are just beautiful.
I wanted to let you know that.
I cannot thank you! Enough.
Hope to be working more with you on some other orders to replace older vestments down the road.

B. P. [Apr.2021]
Dear Katia,
I received my new vestments yesterday. They are beautiful and fit perfectly!
I am very thankful for your work!
I pray you have a blessed Holy week and a joyous Pascha!
In Christ,
Dn. David
Hi Katia,
The red set arrived, and they are beautiful!!  glory to God for your dedication and handiwork!!  Thank you!!
Matthew [Jan. 2021]
Hello Katia!!!
THANK YOU! I just received the Cassock-IT IS BEAUTIFUL!
Love it!
Cannot thank you enough-perfect fit! 
John O. [Dec. 2020]
Hi Katia,
I received the green orarion today. It is wonderful! Thank you for your fine work.
In Christ,
Deacon Benjamin

Hi, I just got the Gospel markers---imagine my surprise when I found not one, but two! That, on top of the refund you gave me, was all above and beyond. Tjank you so much! I don't know many clerics, but will recommend you to all the people I know! Thanks again and God bless, - Jim [Nov.2020]

The vestments arrived today. They are beautiful. The detail and craftsmanship are outstanding. They fit perfectly. I can not thank you enough for taking such care with this order. It was a long wait, none the fault of anyone but a virus, and I thank you for keeping your focus and delivering a superior product. Thank you again.
In Christ,

I received the Blue sticharion today. It's beautiful and sturdy, I love it! [Dwayne M. July 2020]

Arrived fine at the BC address. Thank you! I will order from you again, as I am able. Wonderful stole! [wharrblegarble EBay July 2020]

Dear Katia!
Thank you so much for your efforts! Today I received the parcel with the beautiful fabric from Greece. I am very happy with these high-quality fabrics. We will use them to make analogion covers for our church. Thank you once again!
Kind regards from Austria!
In Christ,
Deacon Patrick [July 2020]

Hi Katia,
I just wanted to confirm that the package finally arrived. It was worth the wait. The material is stunning: Perfect for the job intended. Many thanks,

Fr Francis D. [Australia] July 2020

I just received the vestments today, I cannot be happier. They look fantastic thank you so much! Hopefully in the fall I will [...] order a purple set. Again thank you so much it came out beautifully!

Nathan J. [March 2020]

Thank you so much Katia, I received the icon it looks beautiful!

Rony M.  [January 2020]

Thank you so very much. What I received in the first shipment is beautiful. We are making altar cloths for Christmas. We are looking forward to receiving the next shipment. Expect more orders from us in the future.

Peace, Terrence. [ November 2019]


My apologies for the delayed response! I have been out of town and just received the package a this week, though it was delivered weeks ago. I am VERY happy with the excellent quality of the fabric and trims! You have some of the BEST quality products available for the best pricing as well. I will certainly be back very soon, as I will be making my vestments for my ordination and first Mass in the coming months. Be assured that I left 5-star feedback for you.
Thank you!
Deacon Mathew D. [October 2019]
I have bought three vestments from Katia Ogan, and they are very nice and well-made. There is also a high level of customisability. I can pick almost any fabric or trim I want, as long as it is available. Benjamin S. [August 2019]
Hello Katia,I am pleased to inform you that the Brocade and the Galloon has arrived, it is most beautiful I am veru happy with it. I wiil send you a photo later on of my work for our Church. Many thanks for all. God bless you,
Hermann, Netherlands...[July 2019]
Dear Katia, I'm sorry that I'm late the vestments came on Friday! THEY ARE GREAT! Thank you! I'll be in touch again since I need a new cassock!
Thank You Again,
Fr. Deacon George [Feb. 2019]

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent assistance and quick service. The silver cross motif and silver trim arrived this morning. Usually takes at least 2 weeks from the USA.


Many Thanks,


Richard P. Australia. [Jan 2019]

Dear Katia,

I want to let you how great the Bishops vestments are that you made for me. I have had MANY clergy comment the vestments.

I pray for you and for the great work you are doing for the Church of Christ.

Prayers and Blessings in Christ.

Archbishop Paul Joseph Richard  [Sept 2018]

Dear Katia,
The vestments fitted very nicely. They are nice and light even with the lining which will be very good for hot weather here. The stikharion is a bit too long so I am going to take it up some in the middle.
Thank you again for the beautiful workmanship.
God bless,
Dcn Nicholas [Australia, July 2018]

Hi Katia,

I received the blue vestments today. They are, as always, magnificent and a blessing. Thank you!

In Christ,
Dn Abraham   [June 2018]


The Brocade Nonmetallic Byzantium Cross fabric arrived today. It is beautiful. Thank you.

Joan L. [May 2018]

 YES! Got them about noon and tried them on. They’re magnificent, very beautiful.
I tried the on with my riassa. Fit well. Could have been a little shorter but then if I wear shoes with a thicker sole and heel, I think the length will be fine. 
Very pleased. Really beautiful. You did a great job. ...
And I really like the orarion...
Thank you so much Katia. Really turned out well.
Deacon Gregory      [April 2018]
Yes, they [vestments]arrived safe and sound... Matushka opened them and was thrilled... I regret not having met you sooner (now 30 years a priest). Your work is so nice. Still have some time to wear your talent, as God gives.
Blessed Holy Week and Pascha, Katia. Yours in Christ, Fr. Lawrence [March 2018]

annwassilie (33Yellow Star)

Thank you for the fast shipping, my son was able to use it during Easter service. The arm length was a bit short, but was good, and the length was a little shorter than I had hoped, but he looked very good in it. I will order another robe as soon as I can but with a different color. Thanks again very much for the wonderful robe

Katia, they have arrived, I love them (and so does my wife), they are beautiful and they fit well! Thank you for your wonderful service and quality, your work is excellent. I'm sure I'll be calling on you again. Blessings of the fast and may God continue to direct and bless you-

Fr. Paul Coats [February 2018]

I picked up the vestments your craftsmanship attention to detail is incredible.
I am extremely impressed.
I will be ordering more from you down the road as well so please keep the measurements on file if you could.
Thank you!
Bruce Pagacz [February 2018]
Message: It [cassock] fits perfectly! He’s so pleased! It’s light and airy with good air flow. It’s exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much!!!! The woman who sewed it did a wonderful job. We have everything we need now, thanks so much. I’m sure we will speak again Katia. God Bless and have a wonderful Pascha!
Christa Sparkle , Canada.  February 2018 Etsy customer


 Thank you so much for the vestment received today. Everything has been really perfect : ordering, shipping, and so on. So quick and so safe. ! Nice quality and acurate measurements too. I highly recommend Katia Ogan's liturgical vestments and service. 

Alain Monnier, France. January 2018


Dear Katia,
I received the vestments on Friday. They are beautiful! Thank you so much! Well worth the wait!
I've attached a couple of photos.

Alex [Canada] November 2017

Vestments were wonderful-wonderful-wonderful.  I could not be more pleased.
Thanks much.
God bless you and your family.
+G [Bishop Gabriel Loynes] October 2017



we blessed the new stikhars Sunday morning and those participating in the service wore them proudly and they look great. Fr. Laurent and I examined your handiwork and found it of an impressively high quality. We are very pleased with what you have done for us...

We may be ordering more vestents since we are trying to recruit more servers.
We will, of course, employ you for further work in that regard if it becomes necessary.
Thanks again for all your skills and hard work!
Jack  [August 2017]

The vestments arrived today Katia, God Bless You!  The are so beautiful, thank you so much they are just so beautiful!

In Christ

Fr. Deacon Michael [June 2017]



Dear Katia,

I am so pleased that we didnt' do the galoon differently this set
is absolutely stunning!
I took them to be pressed and will wear them Sunday.
Love and blessings,
+N   [June 2017]

Bob’s (Subdeacon George) vestments arrived yesterday and are just beautiful. The fit is great and your quick turnaround ensured that he will be able to serve when needed. You made everything to do with ordering the vestments a pleasure. God Bless You and again thank you for the wonderful service and expertise.

Yours in Christ.

Adele (Ruth Justine)  May 2017

Dear Katia,
I just wanted to let you know that the orphreys have arrived yesterday afternoon. I am very pleased with them and I will buy more in the future.
All very best with prayers,

Fr Orazio [April 2017]



Greetings, Katia!

The vestments arrived and they are beautiful!! The fit is great as well. May God continue to bless your holy work!

Hope you are a having a blessed Great Lent. Thank you! Glory to God indeed!

In Christ,
Seraphim . March 2017



I received the vestments!  They are beautiful, as your work always is.  I really like the gold lining on everything.  It will be a blessing to wear them while serving the Liturgy.




Thank you again for your dedication and talent.  God bless,


Dn Abraham [Brian Cavalier] March 2017


the package arrived today. The objects [skufias] are beautiful. Thank you. God bless you all.
Good continuation of the Great Lent, and Good and Holy Easter. The joy of the Risen Christ be with you and your families.
Archimandrite Paolo Patricolo [Italy] March 2017


The vestments are wonderful!...
Thank you again for your lovely work,
Deacon Robert [Cripps]  February 2017



Hi, dear Katia, I want to thank you for the real gorgeous fabric you have sent me. I am very satisfied and used for the Altar in our Church. It Looks just great. I am also interested to buy more fabric from you. I like your dedication for your Business and I love your Website. You have so beautiful fabrics for a good Price. And I was happy that the postage was not expensive and it arrived in due time! God bless you, dear Katia.
Karin [Ebay, February 2017]


The fabric is very beautiful and and the quality very good. I am very pleased. Thank you.

yogi17casanova (250Turquoise Star)   [Ebay, February 2017]


Dear Katia,

Thank you for the Embroidery. It arrived much sooner that we wee expecting it and we should have the altar veils up sometime this week, God willing.
In Christ,
Hierodeacon Sergius [February 2017]




The new set of vestments just arrived. I love them! Particularly your treatment with the white omofors,,etc. Well done! I'll try them on sometime soon and will probably wear them this Sunday. They're different, a bit exotic, and very rich looking. Thank you.

+Bishop Daniel [January 2017]

Of course, I give you a five-star rating. You have earned it by hard work, fundamental love of Orthodoxy, love of all things beautiful, and customer service...

Epiphany 2017, Australia.



Received the vestment yesterday and it is perfect! It fits perfectly and it looks better than I had seen in the picture. You do very nice work! The trim you selected looks great as well.


Thank you for getting it done so quickly for Nativity. I will recommend you to others.


Thank you again, have a wonderful Nativity.


James Crawford [Dec.2016]


Hi Katia,
My New Red Vestment came out lovely.
Hopefully the other two will be just as Lovely.


Great Job!


Cyprian [Nov. 2016]




Thank you so much Katia. I got the fabric and it is absolutely beautiful. I liked the pattern more than the one was originally picked. Thanks again for your time
Nermin  [ November 2016]

Hi Katia, Covers arrived today--beautiful! Thank you. Always a pleasure working with you. Fr. Robert [October 2016]

Dear Katia Ogan. Please accept my grateful thanks for such an outstanding product [klobuk] that I recently purchased from you. I am thrilled by the service that you provided me with. I will remember you.

Regards, Mr. Symeon Wright [Germany. October 2016]


New message from: petemasaro-0 (1)

Thank you Katia...the 2 orarions are beautiful.....
look forward to working with you again
God Bless you
Father Deacon Panayioti   [October 2016]
Just wanted to let you know that I've had several wonderful comments and compliments from people concerning the latest set of gold vestments... Beautiful indeed! Many thanks!
+Bishop Daniel [July 2016]
HI Katia, 
The Vestments arrived. 
Very beautiful, thank you. 
Fr. Jeffrey  [Frate] [August 2016]
Dear Katia,
We received the vestments. They are beautiful and the fine craftsmenship is evident. I will wait until after Holy Dormition when we bless and use them, to comment further. But our sincere thanks to you for such prompt and timely delivery. I am very happy with the color, the galloon, the crosses. It is a bold pattern and it will enhance the services greatly. 
Fr. John [Klingel]  July 2016

The gold vestments are, as you said, "spectacular."  I posted the photos you sent on my Facebook page and immediately began to receive responses.  People really like the contrast of the black on gold. [...]
Thank you for your beautiful work... Which gives glory to God!

+Bishop Daniel [July 2016]
 Hi Katia:
The white set arrived today. Thank you very much. It is most beautiful.
Thanks again, F.J. [ Canada] July 2016

Dear Katia, Xpistos Bockpece! I received the beautiful and perfectly done chalice covers and aer with XPISTOC ANESTI embroidered in the center.
You and those who made this liturgical set are blessed in God's love always! I give my heartfelt thanksgiving to you and all who made this set possible.
I ask that all of you ask of God to keep me in His love, forgiveness and resurrection. I have posted our rating in Feedback for you and you achieved a perfect score of 100%! Sincerely, Ot. Grigori Constantios eBay Team Consaba Holy Chapel of Bogoroditseh Nechayanaya Radost [June 2016]

Received the vestments today. Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank You for the great work!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you black material for a black vestment soon.
God Bless
Deacon Kolin [Berm] Canada. April 2016
Katia, Father Jonah's vestments arrived yesterday. As always, your work is impeccable and the fit is perfect. I cannot express enough how BEAUTIFUL the fabric is. Can you tell me what the name of that pattern is? And, do you have it in other colors as well?...
Thank you, again, so much. We can't wait for Father Jonah to have his first chance to wear his new vestments.
Mat. Anna [Andrew]  April 2016
Hello Katia, I just returned ... and went to the post office to receive your package of my vestments. They are beautiful and stunning! Thank you so much for your care and love into seeing them. I will begin wearing them this coming Sunday. 
God's blessing to you and look forward to seeing you in the fall again. 
Love in Christ,
Father Michael [Boyle] March 2016
Dear Katia,
 I received my vestments today.  I am very pleased with how they look and they fit very well.  I look forward to seeing the sticharion and chalice covers.  ... Thank you.
 In Christ,
Fr. Joshua [February 2016]
Hello Katia! I received them [vestments] on Saturday, tried them on and they are wonderful! The pattern and trim are amazing, it fits very comfortably  it will take some getting used to as its a brand new fit but I am very pleased you did excellent work on it. Thank you so much!
-Tristan Stevens. Feb. 2016
Dear Katia ,
I just received your package today and was amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship. They are going to be gifts for my father and brother-in-law who are both priests. I can't thank you enough for everything, including the extra one. Your talent is truly a gift from God.
Thanks again,
Chrystyna Martelli  [January 2016]
11.01.2016   Dear Katia, it did [arrived]! And it is [orarion] INCREDIBLE! ... I wanted to email you saying thank you SO much for your time and efforts in getting it here on time. It is SO beautiful and I cannot thank you enough. 
Thank you,
Hope Ibrahim
Have a blessed day
My dear Katia,
These vestments are amazing- you got the color perfect!
They go like a matched set.
Thank you so much.
Love and blessings,
+Bishop Nikolai   Dec. 2015

Hi Katia,

We received the box on Monday night and opened it yesterday. At first we were puzzled by how everything could fit into a small square box, and we were amazed as we opened it to lift out each beautiful piece. The attention to detail is perfect - every piece of brocade is centered, every seam is carefully done, the crosses are the perfect balance between simple and ornate. We love your artistic selections with the velvet. Everything is perfect. We can't wait to receive the altar cloths which I'm sure will be just as impressive...
-Nilus [Klingel] Nov. 2015


The communion set arrived this afternoon and I just opened the package. Beautiful work! The white and gold look so stunning! The fabric and lining are excellent. Kudos to you and your assistants. I will definately contact you later this year...

Fr. Paul Lemmen [July 2015]

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The cloth is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing the samples. I know this is what I have been looking for.       Mary [May 2015 txt message]

Dear Katia,
Happy Feast Day of the Ascension to you and yours!
The green orarion and cuffs arrived today and I must say that they are actually more beautiful than the picture you had at Ebay. Nicely done!...

...Wishing you a blessed Pentecost upcoming.
Your servant in Christ,
Archdeacon Niketas [May 2015]


Hi Katia,
The stole and cuffs arrived today, they are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot wait to give them to my dad. I really appreciate all your help. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.
Chrystyna Palko

May 2015

I received the stikhar today and wanted to let you know that you did an absolutely fantastic and beautiful job!  It is perfect!  Every detail was executed masterfully with much though and impeccable taste.  It is the best stikhar I have seen...

 Thank you again!

Nicholas Zaharov  April 2015

 Hi, Katia: 

First, I want to tell you that the vestments are beautiful.  When I first took them out at home, it was in the sunlight and I thought the purple was a little light, but in church, especially at an evening service, they are lovely.  Many compliments were given. ...
 Father Deacon Dionysi     [March 2015]

Dear Katia,
Thank you very very much for getting the vestments made by Lent, and
for sending them so quickly. The are beautiful, as always, and they
fit perfectly. I am recommending you to some seminarians I know.
Have a blessed Fast and a joyous Pascha!

In Christ,

Fr. Deacon Marc [Wisnosky]   Feb. 2015



 Thank you for your good work on my gold sticharion!  I will enjoy serving in it again.

Thank you.

PDn Brendan (Doss)


Dear Katia,
Received them [ the Chalice covers] today. More beautiful than the photos for sure! Thank you!
In Christ,
Fr. John
Karcher, CA

I recieved the package today.  The workmanship is stunning and it is beautiful.  Thanks. Gary Waldron, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thank you Katia for the galloon trims. They arrived in good time. They are washed and ironed and ready for use. Many thanks, Eve Bennett

Thank you very much. Excellent quality. God bless you!

Ebay customer sotirisntampegliotis, Greece


Dear Katia, The stole arrived. Thank you so much! It is beautiful!!! We are so pleased! Thank you for working with us. God bless you. Presbytera Maria  

Got it, Katia! Beautiful job! Just in time :)


-- Fr.Joseph Honeycutt, St.Joseph Orthodox Church, Houston, TX. Nov, 2014
Thank you for the vestments. They are beautiful.  Your workmanship is superb. Thanks
Father Deacon Peter Sodini, Nov. 2014

HI Katia:
The beautiful gold/claret stihar arrived today, and the double orar is
perfect. Thank you so much.

Father Joseph Winnick, Canada   Oct. 2014

Dear Katia, Yes, it [the cassock] has arrived and fits very well. Thank you very much. I wish you all good things. P.Robert Plant, UK Sept.2014

Dear Katia,
We received the Orarion just in time!!! Thank you so much for your excellent service!!!
In Christ,
Fr Dn Gregory Wright, Canada

September 2014


 Dear Katia, 

the stikharion arrived today and let me tell you it was well worth the wait. I could not be any happier with what you have done . I will be ordering from you again soon. God bless you and the work that you do. 
Yours in Christ.

George (Langan)  August 2014


 The vestments fit perfectly. Matushka and I love the pattern of fabric and the shade of blue. There is one small issue with one of the buttons coming apart. But I have already ordered some extra buttons from your eBay store to take care of that problem.

Thank you for your beautiful work.

 Deacon David [Rostcheck] July 2014


 Dear Katia,

I have received my order for the galloon. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery; I was delighted to receive them earlier than expected.

 Many thanks,

 Eve . June 2014


Thank you for your excellent work on the white vestments for Holy Trinity Cathedral - I just tried mine on, and it is beautiful!  It fits me perfectly...

Thank you.
PDn Brendan Doss

Dear Katia:
A message to tell you how thankful I am for the trim, my friend in Guatemala was not only pleased but elated with the beauty and quiality of the trim.
I want to thank you your kindness and great communication, trim arrived in time and it's going to be used next Good Friday.
...I am planning to purchase one of your brocades but this will be latter in the year...
For sure we will be back for more of your goods.
Many thanks again
Jaime Machuca  [April 2014]

... I love this cassock! It looks exactly the way I would have designed it myself. Because of this, you will receive all of my future cassock orders. Thank you!
Dn. Irenaios Anderson
Kodiak, Alaska  March 2014
 Got the vestments! Sorry that I'm late getting back to you. I am very very pleased! ...
 Fr. Deacon George ( Tokarcsik) March 2014


Dear Katia,
You do beautiful work. God has given you a wonderful gift.  I received my vestments today and couldn't wait to put them on. The fabric is just beautiful more so than I thought. I will get with you after, I have had the chance to wear them and see what adjustments need to be made if any.  I do agree with you on the gold lining which I will send back to you to have put on after lent.  I look forward to having you make my gold vestment.  Thank you so much!
In Christ,
Dn Vassily (Kocher), Savannah, GA.  March 2014


Dear Katia,

The Deacon’s vestments arrive last Friday. They were worn for vespers last Sunday for the beginning of Lent and looked excellent. Thank you very much.

Fr.Robert Plant, United Kingdom, March 2014

     The vestments (purple deacon’s) arrived in good order and are gorgeous.  Thank you.
Dcn. Simeon (Terry) Peet
Feb, 2014

 I received the orarion today and I just loved it.  It's beautiful.  Thank you.  God bless!
 Deacon David (Mascarenas)  March, 2014


Dear Katia,
Forgive me. God forgives!
Attached is a photo taken this evening after Forgiveness Vespers.
Thank you so much for the vestments, everyone commented on how beautiful they are, and thank you for your effort in completing them in time for the Great Fast
Sincerely yours in Christ
Dcn Gregory (Curran), Oxford, CT   Feb, 2014


Dear Katia,

I received the gold set yesterday. They are beautiful! They fit well. I am highly impressed with your craftsmanship in tailoring these vestments.
I will happily recommend you to my colleagues, and I will gladly write a testimonial for your website if you'd like.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will contact you in the future when I need new vestment.

In Christ,

Subdeacon Marc Wisnosky

Pittsburg, PA   

January 2014


Dear Katia,
Thank you, I received the cassock yesterday. It fits PERFECTLY! I think it's the best one I have, without a doubt. I will send payment asap.
Thank you again.
In Christ,

Fr. John Karcher

Tracy, CA  




Thank you the vestment arrived today. They are up to there usual high standard of workmanship.

Deacon Nicholas Fraser   (Australia)


Hello Katia,
I've had a chance to see the cloth on the table now, and it is truly marvelous!  Just lovely.  Thank you so much for your patience with my order, and for your excellent craftsmanship.  It will be viewed and admired for many years to come.
All the best to you,
Chris Edwards, NY              Dec.2013

I have received the vestments and they fit perfectly. I can not wait for the parishioners to see them this Sunday. I am certain they will be well pleased with the work you have done. I am sure I will be in touch in the near future for the set of blue vestments too. I am still undecided about the fabric for the blue set and may request some additional fabric swatches to consider. A blessed Nativity season to you and your family.
Thank you so much,
 Deacon David Rostcheck
Dec., 2013

 Dear Katia! 

I received the orarion and cuffs today! they are absolutely splendid! Fantastic quality!

  I look forward to ordering many more articles from you :)

 Thank you so much!!

 Glory be to God for all things!


Kamal Aziz


Sept.24th, 2013

Dear Katia Ogan:

Thank you for your very prompt and outstanding service for the gold and purple Travel Priest Communion Stole. They are beautiful. I do hope to also purchase a green and red Travel Priest Communion Stole when they might be available. If the grading is 0 to 5 stars I would rate you five stars. I am most positive about your work and you and your service was excellent. Blessings to you and your most important ministry.

Carl Middleton, CO, USA

May 2013

 Dear Katia,

I received the Stikharion last week. Thank you so much. It is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to purchasing more vestments from you in the future. Also, I think you can expect some orders from the other clergy at the Cathedral as well.

In Christ, 

Father Jeffrey Frate
January 2013
Kristos Rozhdaetsya!  Slavite!!
The vestments fit perfectly and so beautiful...they got here on Friday..just in time for the Nativity!!  Thank you very much.  ill send a pic sometime after i download from my iphone to my work laptop.  thank you very much!!  Your work is so beautiful!!!
Christine Samuelson
Napaskiak, Alaska. January 2013

Katia - I wanted to thank you for the Nativity and Easter gospel book markers. I have never seen such good quality on eBay. You clearly have a religious commitment to what you were doing and God be praised.

- fathermdunn

Katia: I received the religious trim and it was just what I needed. I finished the vestment using this trim. It was perfect. Thank you.

- kand8345

27th Nov.2012

Hello Katia,
The vozduch and veils arrived on Saturday.
They are very beautiful and far beyond my expectation.
I was especially pleased about the size of the vozduch.
When I have purchased this item in Russia, the vozduch is
usually not so wide and especially not so deep. Thank you
for the wonderful embroidery work. I look forward to receiving
the palitsa.
dick1610 alexander st john
November 25th, 2012

Hi Katia,
   The deacons vestment just came in and the priest is very pleased. It is a gift for his deacon at the mission in El Paso, Texas. Thank you very much. Perhaps we'll order more vestments in the near future.
October 20th, 2012

Dear Katia,

The vestments arrived a few days ago (I was away), and this morning I had the opportunity to wear them - much to the admiration of all.
They are wonderful: Thank you very much for all your work, care, and help with this.

Thank you very much again

Fr John Behr
St.Vladimir's Seminary
June 2012

Hello Katia,

 I got the blue vestments in today. Thank you very much, they are very beautiful. Your work is beyond any words that I can express. The word "beautiful" doesn't even cover the excellent handy work that God has given you to serve His Church. May God Grant you many more years in the wonderful work in making vestments for his clergy.

                                                                              unworthy priest Evon Bereskin

  July 2012                                                                              in Kasigluk, AK

I received the vestments today (yesterday, actually, but I wasn't home!).  They are absolutely beautiful, and they fit perfectly.  Thank you so much for your amazing work, and for doing them in such a short time.  I know that I will be in touch whenever I need another set :)
God bless,
Brian Cavalier
October, 2012
It was two packages and all arrived safely and they are all absolutely beautiful!!  The pictures don't even compare to the fabric!!  The weight and patterns on the whites are going to be perfect for the vests and stoles.  They are exactly what I have been looking for!  Thank you so much!  
Jennifer Burton, RogersAR
Thank you so much for the palitsa it arrived today in good order, beautifully done of course.
Looking forward to doing business with you in the future, I remain,
Fr.Peter Askoar, Alaska
Thank you so much! I so admire your artistry, your vestments are more beautiful than just the lovely fabrics. Because I sew too, I know what goes into selecting the combinations, and the precision of the work. Yours are the very best I have seen. It is an honor to work with you!
Mary Hopkins, Henderson, CO
I received the purple set, & red velvet cuffs.. They look great! Thank you again..
Douglas Kudrin, Kodiak, Alaska
I received the vestments. Thank you and God bless you did a wonderful job. Thank you for the tablecloth as well.
Subdeacon Kolin, Canada
Hello, Katia!
Vestments arrived today! Look great!. Thanks again as always!
Fr. Dcn. Nicholas Mogan,  Great Britain
Dear Katia:
     Fr. Dn. Michael Pylypciw and I thank you for the vestments, which arrived Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 8).
 Fr. Dn. Terry Peet,  NY