Liturgical Vestments
Bishop\'s vestments

Set of vestments include Saccos, Stole, Small and Great Omofors, Belt, Palitsa, Cuffs, Sulok.
From Metallic Brocade $1200
From Nonmetallic Brocade $1100
From Rayon $ 1000.
White stikhar with galloon $190
White stikhar with embroidery $240
Chalice covers $110
Bookmark $20

Embroidered set of vestments - please inquire about the price.
Russian style Priest\'s vestments

Set includes phelon, belt, epitrakhil and cuffs.
From Rayon $650
From Nonmetallic Brocade $690
From Metallic Brocade $ 740

Palitsa $45
Nabedrennik (Epigonation) $45
Chalice covers $110
Gospel marker $20

White stikhar $150
Greek style Priest\'s vestments

Set includes  phelon, belt, epitrakhil and cuffs.

From Rayon $600
From Nonmetallic brocade $640
From metallic brocade $690


Palitsa $45
Chalice covers $110
Gospel marker $20

White stikhar $150

Deacon\'s vestments

Set includes stikharion, cuffs and orarion

From Rayon $430
From Nonmetallic brocade $480
From Metallic brocade $ 530

To add velvet - additional cost, please inquire.

The set on the picture cost $590

SUBDEACON'S vestments minus $40

PROTODEACON'S vestments add $50

Reader\'s or Altar server Robe

ADULT size more that 4' long

From Rayon $290
From Nonmetallic brocade $350
From Metallic brocade $390

CHILD size up to 4' long

From Rayon $220

Please also check my Ebay store at for available materials for sale.
RAYON  $39 per yard
NONMETALLIC BROCADE $49 per yard (Russian made)
METALLIC BROCADE $65 per yard (Russian made)

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 Dear Katia, 

the stikharion arrived today and let me tell you it was well worth the wait. I could not be any happier with what you have done . I will be ordering from you again soon. God bless you and the work that you do. 
Yours in Christ.

George (Langan)  August 2014


 The vestments fit perfectly. Matushka and I love the pattern of fabric and the shade of blue. There is one small issue with one of the buttons coming apart. But I have already ordered some extra buttons from your eBay store to take care of that problem.

Thank you for your beautiful work.

 Deacon David [Rostcheck] July 2014


 Dear Katia,

I have received my order for the galloon. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery; I was delighted to receive them earlier than expected.

 Many thanks,

 Eve . June 2014


Thank you for your excellent work on the white vestments for Holy Trinity Cathedral - I just tried mine on, and it is beautiful!  It fits me perfectly...

Thank you.
PDn Brendan Doss

Dear Katia:
A message to tell you how thankful I am for the trim, my friend in Guatemala was not only pleased but elated with the beauty and quiality of the trim.
I want to thank you your kindness and great communication, trim arrived in time and it's going to be used next Good Friday.
...I am planning to purchase one of your brocades but this will be latter in the year...
For sure we will be back for more of your goods.
Many thanks again
Jaime Machuca  [April 2014]

... I love this cassock! It looks exactly the way I would have designed it myself. Because of this, you will receive all of my future cassock orders. Thank you!
Dn. Irenaios Anderson
Kodiak, Alaska  March 2014
 Got the vestments! Sorry that I'm late getting back to you. I am very very pleased! ...
 Fr. Deacon George ( Tokarcsik) March 2014


Dear Katia,
You do beautiful work. God has given you a wonderful gift.  I received my vestments today and couldn't wait to put them on. The fabric is just beautiful more so than I thought. I will get with you after, I have had the chance to wear them and see what adjustments need to be made if any.  I do agree with you on the gold lining which I will send back to you to have put on after lent.  I look forward to having you make my gold vestment.  Thank you so much!
In Christ,
Dn Vassily (Kocher), Savannah, GA.  March 2014


Dear Katia,

The Deacon’s vestments arrive last Friday. They were worn for vespers last Sunday for the beginning of Lent and looked excellent. Thank you very much.

Fr.Robert Plant, United Kingdom, March 2014

     The vestments (purple deacon’s) arrived in good order and are gorgeous.  Thank you.
Dcn. Simeon (Terry) Peet
Feb, 2014

 I received the orarion today and I just loved it.  It's beautiful.  Thank you.  God bless!
 Deacon David (Mascarenas)  March, 2014


Dear Katia,
Forgive me. God forgives!
Attached is a photo taken this evening after Forgiveness Vespers.
Thank you so much for the vestments, everyone commented on how beautiful they are, and thank you for your effort in completing them in time for the Great Fast
Sincerely yours in Christ
Dcn Gregory (Curran), Oxford, CT   Feb, 2014


Dear Katia,

I received the gold set yesterday. They are beautiful! They fit well. I am highly impressed with your craftsmanship in tailoring these vestments.
I will happily recommend you to my colleagues, and I will gladly write a testimonial for your website if you'd like.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will contact you in the future when I need new vestment.

In Christ,

Subdeacon Marc Wisnosky

Pittsburg, PA   

January 2014


Dear Katia,
Thank you, I received the cassock yesterday. It fits PERFECTLY! I think it's the best one I have, without a doubt. I will send payment asap.
Thank you again.
In Christ,

Fr. John Karcher

Tracy, CA  




Thank you the vestment arrived today. They are up to there usual high standard of workmanship.

Deacon Nicholas Fraser   (Australia)


Hello Katia,
I've had a chance to see the cloth on the table now, and it is truly marvelous!  Just lovely.  Thank you so much for your patience with my order, and for your excellent craftsmanship.  It will be viewed and admired for many years to come.
All the best to you,
Chris Edwards, NY              Dec.2013

I have received the vestments and they fit perfectly. I can not wait for the parishioners to see them this Sunday. I am certain they will be well pleased with the work you have done. I am sure I will be in touch in the near future for the set of blue vestments too. I am still undecided about the fabric for the blue set and may request some additional fabric swatches to consider. A blessed Nativity season to you and your family.
Thank you so much,
 Deacon David Rostcheck
Dec., 2013

 Dear Katia! 

I received the orarion and cuffs today! they are absolutely splendid! Fantastic quality!

  I look forward to ordering many more articles from you :)

 Thank you so much!!

 Glory be to God for all things!


Kamal Aziz


Sept.24th, 2013

Dear Katia Ogan:

Thank you for your very prompt and outstanding service for the gold and purple Travel Priest Communion Stole. They are beautiful. I do hope to also purchase a green and red Travel Priest Communion Stole when they might be available. If the grading is 0 to 5 stars I would rate you five stars. I am most positive about your work and you and your service was excellent. Blessings to you and your most important ministry.

Carl Middleton, CO, USA

May 2013

 Dear Katia,

I received the Stikharion last week. Thank you so much. It is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to purchasing more vestments from you in the future. Also, I think you can expect some orders from the other clergy at the Cathedral as well.

In Christ, 

Father Jeffrey Frate
January 2013
Kristos Rozhdaetsya!  Slavite!!
The vestments fit perfectly and so beautiful...they got here on Friday..just in time for the Nativity!!  Thank you very much.  ill send a pic sometime after i download from my iphone to my work laptop.  thank you very much!!  Your work is so beautiful!!!
Christine Samuelson
Napaskiak, Alaska. January 2013

Katia - I wanted to thank you for the Nativity and Easter gospel book markers. I have never seen such good quality on eBay. You clearly have a religious commitment to what you were doing and God be praised.

- fathermdunn

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