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Bishop\'s vestments

Set of vestments include Saccos, Stole, Small and Great Omofors, Belt, Palitsa, Cuffs, Sulok.
From Russian Made Metallic Brocade

An embroidered set of vestments - please inquire about the price.
Russian style Priest\'s vestments

Set includes phelon, belt, epitrakhil and cuffs, palitsa and Nabedrennik.

For an embroidered set of vestments please inquire about the price.

Greek style Priest\'s vestments

A set includes  phelonion, belt, epitrakhil (stole), Shield (Palitsa) and cuffs.
From Russian made Nonmetallic brocade

Deacon\'s vestments

Set includes stikharion, cuffs and single orarion.
From Russian Made Nonmetallic brocade


Reader\'s or Altar server Robe

CHILD size up to 4' lenght of the robe: n


Please also check my Ebay store at for available BROCADES  for sale. Please feel free to email with any requests. I will do my best to find the brocade you like.
NONMETALLIC BROCADE $49 per yard (Russian made)
METALLIC BROCADE $65 per yard (Russian made)

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